BERMOODA™ White RGB Color Changing Corner Floor Lamp

$119.95 $149.99

RGB Color-Changing Corner Floor Lamp by Bermooda™ is not your ordinary floor lamp. It's a visual art piece that enhances any room with stimulating color hues & lighting effects. Equipped with State-of-the-Art LED technology & minimalistic triangular design makes it a perfect fit for any space. 

  • Remote Controlled
  • Over 16 Million Hues
  • 350+ Modes & Lighting Effects
  • Easy to Turn On/Off
  • Cycle Colors/Modes
  • Dimmable, White Light Compatible
  • Sleek, Modern, Minimalistic
  • Lamp Height: 59" / 150cm

Create the perfect ambiance for any moment with BERMOODA™ mood enhancing RGB Color-Changing Floor Lamp. The BERMOODA™ RGB Floor Lamp allows your environment to become the canvas, and the Multi-Functional Remote, the brush.


Are the Bermooda Lamps Compatible with Non-USA Outlets? Bermooda Floor Lamps are equipped with attachments for international outlets such as AU, UK & EU.

How long does it take to ship? Orders processed in USA will take 3-7 business days to arrive, depending on where you are. Please note that there might be slight delays on some orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email. Please check out our shipping policy or contact us for more details.

What is Bermooda RGB Corner Floor Lamps Lifetime? Our state-of-the-art LEDs run for 50,000+ hours. If you use the RGB Floor Lamp for 10 hours per day you should expect the lamp to last for over 10 years!

Can I control Multiple Bermooda Color Changing Floor Lamps at the same time? Yes, of course! Once you have more than one Bermooda RGB Floor Lamp in the same room you can automatically control them with the same Bermooda Remote.


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