Where to Buy #1 Selling RGB Corner Lamp

The RGB Corner Lamp market is growing. There are over one hundred manufacturers of lamps and lighting in the United States alone, and thousands in China - this makes the lighting market not only big but also very competitive.

This article will talk about the best Color Changing Floor Lamp options on the market. By the end, you should have a good idea of what features you should be looking for and where you should go to get the perfect RGB lamp.



What Is an RGB Corner Lamp? 

Many lamps on the market light up the room using yellow or white light that spreads in all directions straight from the bulb. A Color Changing Lamp acts differently from this. It lights up the corner itself with a bright display of any chosen color along a vertical bar that sits instead at the room's periphery.

The room is then lit not from the bulb or LEDs but by reflecting the light from the corner of the room itself. This can express the room's mood and tone far better than a traditional lamp.

Why Should You Buy an RGB Lamp?

Corners of a room have a reputation of being the dark, dingy places where things hide in movies for a good reason. They are often considered hard to light and end up being where people put plants or storage. Instead, you can make much better use of it with an RGB lamp.

An RGB floor lamp offers you several lighting options when you place it in a corner. It can light up a room in a way that other lamps cannot, as it uses the ambient light of the room as its greatest feature.

Due to the ability to select the color of the LEDs used in RGB lamps allows you to shift the mood of any room to match how you feel.

If you are watching movies, you may want a more subdued mood. When entertaining, though, you might want a brighter and cheerier lighting setting. You can achieve all of these with what an RGB lamp offers.

What Features Should You Look For in a Corner Floor Lamp?

Many corner floor lamps hold several features that are more than only emitting white light. You can find the following features in some of the best lamps on the market:

Color Selection

The ability to select whichever color you want for any part of the lamp. This allows the bottom to match your carpet and the top to be more in tune with your wallpaper or paint selection for your wall. Using these colors, including white, offers several options for how you customize the room's experience.

Some lamps also allow for the ability to save "Moods," comprised of different color selections. You can then switch these out as needed based on the situation.

Competent Design

When choosing a corner lamp, you want it to be something you use for a long time. You do not want its casing to be cheap, plasticky material. The best lamps on the market have a surround built of strong, durable materials such as metals and wood.

Also, you will want to be able to make use of the lamp how you want. Despite a corner floor lamp being best-placed in corners, it should not prevent the device from lighting up elsewhere. A good design will empower its user to find alternative uses for an object.

Good Warranty

While it may not be the most exciting aspect of a lamp's features, you should remember that these objects are often formed of several LEDs. If one begins to stop working, it can harm the display for any user.

A good warranty of at least two years can give you the assurance you need to buy a better lamp. You will be safe knowing that if anything does go wrong, a warranty will cover you.

A replacement warranty, or a refund warranty, is beneficial as it allows you to continue to light your home well. You only need to return the original for it to work.


The best lamps can promote their purpose without being too clunky. They can have a minimalist design in their form and still perform their function to a strong ability.

The minimalist design also allows you to use the lamp alongside any other room aesthetic. You can continue to use your original decor, as the small footprint the design portrays will not affect it.

Finally, a good design helps the Minimalist Corner Lamp not interfere with the light itself. It does not block any of the reflected light from the corner, allowing the light to be the main feature instead of the lamp.

Strong LEDs

If you have a lamp that contains powerful lights, you can create a much more significant mood. This allows the lights themselves to create the space's ambiance rather than the corner itself.

High-quality LEDs will allow for several levels of intensity also. This lets you choose stronger or weaker hues to get the perfect feeling from the corner.

Where Can You Buy the Best RGB Floor Lamp?

There are only two places where you can buy the BERMOODA Corner Floor Lamp, here on our website, or if you prefer the Amazon shopping experience, we are now offering it on the Amazon platform as well. Make sure to only buy from BERMOODA (Seller) because there has been a rise in counterfeits on the platform as well as other rogue sellers, usually Chinese, offering the product for 1/3 the cost just to take your money and run away with it.  Purchase the BERMOODA RGB Corner Lamp on Amazon.com.

Checking Amazon, you can also see that there are several good reviews that include quotes such as:

"Stop looking at it and just buy it, then look at it in person all you want! Few things, the Bermooda lamp is super easy to assemble and the rgb remote is self explanatory. You can adjust brightness and dim it on any color or mood setting and as you can see in my video, your room doesn’t have to be pitch black for you to enjoy your lamp. I’m definitely going to buy more of these soon."

"This seller goes above and beyond to assure that you are a satisfied customer!"

"These things are amazing. I’m in the lighting industry as a professional, and this product superseded my expectations."

On Amazon, there are also options for the color of the lamp frame. This means that even though it already has a low impact on the room's space utilization, you can choose a lighter or darker color to further blend in with the flow of your interior design style.

Where Should I Go To Learn More?

You should by now have a huge amount of information on what an RGB corner lamp can do for your rooms and where to find one. If you still have questions, though, you can always get in contact. Our specialists will be able to help you discover the perfect floor lamps for corners in your home.